SmartKem will be exhibiting at OFET-3 in China with its pioneering OFET technology and products


SmartKem will be exhibiting at the 3rd National Conference on Organic Field-Effect Transistors (OFET-3, in Lanzhou, China, from 29/07/2021 to 01/08/2021. OFET-3 will invite renowned industry experts from relevant fields in China and abroad and will see key discussions taking place on the future research focus and industrialization paths of OFET technology. 


SmartKem is a pioneer of Application Specific Organic Materials for thin-films used to make a new generation of organic semiconductor transistors. SmartKem focuses on the design, development and industrialization of low temperature, solution-deposited organic semiconductors for making transistor backplanes that power the next generation of displays, sensors and logic.

SmartKem 将在大会中展示其产品,包括用于 OTFT 的溶液法制备的有机材料、柔性 G2.5 OTFT 背板和 OTFT mini-LED 样机。

At OFET-3, SmartKem will present its solution processed organic materials for OTFTs, flexible G2.5 OTFT backplanes and an OTFT mini-LED demonstration.

SmartKem is bringing its pioneering OFET technology and products to China as part of a strategic cooperation agreement with LinkZill, experts in the field of interdisciplinary industrialization based on TFT technology. This partnership will see SmartKem engage with OFET experts and participate in OFET development and industrialization in China.