SmartKem is looking forward to taking the next step in China following a successful presentation at OFET-3


From July 29th to August 1st, 2021, the 3rd National Conference on Organic Field-Effect Transistors at Lanzhou University successfully took place. As Covid-19 restrictions prohibited SmartKem from travelling to China to attend in person, LinkZill were entrusted to present on its behalf. SmartKem would like to sincerely thank the organization committee for the opportunity to present its technology and products to an esteemed audience of leading industry experts, academics and organizations in China.


About SmartKem

SmartKem is a pioneer in the manufacture of Application Specific Organic Materials for organic thin-film transistor (OTFT) backplanes that power the next generation of flexible electronics, displays, sensors and logic. SmartKem’s unique TRUFLEX® technology allows inks to be deposited at a low temperature on low-cost substrates, resulting in transistor stacks that are flexible, bendable, wearable, and lightweight. These can be used in a number of next generation display technologies including bendable smartphone displays, curved automotive displays, full color e-paper displays, wearables, fingerprint sensors, printed biosensors and logic.