SmartKem To Participate in SID Display Week 2021

SmartKem CEO Ian Jenks and Chief Scientist Dr Beverley Brown will speak at this year's virtual event

MANCHESTER, England, April 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- SmartKem, a pioneer in the development of semiconductor inks used to make OTFT backplanes for the manufacture of flexible electronics, announced that it will participate in this year's virtual SID Display Week during May 17-21.

SmartKem CEO Ian Jenks will appear in the CEO Forum titled 'Start-Manage-Exit', discussing the challenges, opportunities, short- and long-range plans for SmartKem.

SmartKem Chief Scientist Dr Beverley Brown will discuss the topic of 'Towards a Flexible Future'. Focusing on SmartKem's organic semiconductor inks used to fabricate flexible, active matrix OTFT arrays, Dr Brown will outline the chemistry behind SmartKem's OTFTs and describe the benefits of SmartKem's technology for use in interesting new applications.

SmartKem's truFLEX® technology deposits organic ink on a substrate at a temperature as low as 80°C, enabling manufacturers to use a range of low-cost flexible plastic substrates using existing industry standard equipment and infrastructure. SmartKem's transistor stacks are flexible, bendable, wearable and lightweight and can be used in a number of different applications, including bendable smart-phone displays, foldable laptops, TV backlights, curved automotive displays, color ePaper displays, wearables, fingerprint and X-ray detectors as well as printed biosensors.

SmartKem's virtual booth at SID's Display Week 2021 will showcase its technology and applications.

About SmartKem

SmartKem is a pioneer in the development of Application Specific Organic Materials for organic thin-film transistors (OTFT) backplanes compatible with industry-standard production. SmartKem focuses on the design, development, industrialization, and technology transfer of low temperature, solution-deposited organic semiconductors for transistor backplanes. 

Contact Details:

Selena Kirkwood, Head of Communications, SmartKem 

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