LinkZill and SmartKem sign strategic cooperation agreement to explore mutual opportunities for the application of OTFTs in People’s Republic of China


In June 2021, LinkZill and SmartKem Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement to explore mutual opportunities for the application of Organic Thin-Film Transistors (OTFT) in People’s Republic of China. LinkZill is an expert in the field of interdisciplinary industrialization based on TFT technology and believes it has a unique advantage based on its location in China. Together with SmartKem’s position as a pioneer in the development of semiconductor inks used to make OTFT backplanes, both parties intend to collaborate on market opportunities for OTFTs in the novel display and biosensor market.




About SmartKem:

SmartKem Ltd. is a pioneer in the development of Application Specific Organic Materials for organic thin-film transistors (OTFT) backplanes compatible with industry-standard production. SmartKem focuses on the design, development, industrialization, and technology transfer of low temperature, solution-deposited organic semiconductors for transistor backplanes.

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